Auxiliary Communications, often referred to as AUXCOMM, represents a critical component of emergency management. It encompasses a dedicated group of volunteers and professionals with specialized training in communication systems and technologies. These individuals are instrumental in ensuring seamless communication during emergencies and disasters, helping bridge gaps in communication that can arise when traditional channels become overwhelmed or disrupted.

At the Pennsylvania Emergency Response Center, we recognize the significance of a reliable communication network during crises. Our AUXCOMM team is composed of dedicated and trained professionals who specialize in communication systems, technologies, and protocols. Through rigorous training and continuous learning, we ensure that our AUXCOMM team remains at the forefront of advancements in emergency communication. Our commitment to excellence in auxiliary communications reflects our dedication to building resilient communities, where effective communication serves as a lifeline during times of need.

Join us in supporting our AUXCOMM efforts as we strive to fortify our emergency response infrastructure and contribute to a safer and more connected Pennsylvania. Together, we can make a significant impact in enhancing our communication capabilities and ultimately saving lives.