We are proud to have a trained Therapy Dog as a member of our team!

Certified via Therapy Dogs United

Shenzi Reed, CGC

Our team also works with a network of Therapy Dogs United Certified dogs throughout the Pittsburgh area. If you would like to have a Therapy Dog at an upcoming event, please complete the following form, and one of our staff will be in contact with you to coordinate

An address will be required prior to assignment of Therapy Dogs

The Frequently Asked Questions listed below are sourced from Therapy Dogs United and are provided here only as a convenience

A therapy dog is a friend to everyone!  A certified therapy dog is extremely patient and loving – and provides great companionship.  Therapy Dogs United, Inc. brings only the best-natured, and most well-trained dogs to your location, free of charge.  Reliability and training is the backbone of our agency.

We visit hospitals, rehabilitation and hospice facilities; schools, senior centers, nursing communities, homeless shelters, homes for youth at-risk, bereavement centers and beyond. Our successful outreach programs are tailored to meet your specific needs … and our programs are growing every day.  If you’re looking for emotional or physical support, you’ve come to the right place.  Anyone can benefit from the unique animal-to-human bond.  It’s not just our mission; it’s our personal commitment to you.

Sometimes a therapy dog just sits or lies quietly while being pet – listening to story after story about a nursing home resident’s former dog.  Sometimes a therapy dog will visit an elementary school to help teach children about the humane care of animals, or join in during story time to help relax the group.  But, did you know that a therapy dog can help a child to learn?  A child who has difficulty reading is the perfect candidate to curl up alongside a therapy dog to enjoy a good book.  Our independent studies prove that children find the non-judgmental ears of a therapy dog the perfect choice to hone and improve their reading skills. 

A therapy dog may also work with disabled or autistic children.

In a hospital setting, a therapy dog might visit patients in pediatrics, oncology, or even hospice centers.  Many therapy dogs certified by Therapy Dogs United have been invited to visit a hospital’s emergency room because of the calming effect our dogs can have on patients, doctors, nurses and staff members working in the high-stress environment.

Visiting with a therapy dog can help you feel less lonely or less depressed. People are more active and responsive both during – and after – a visit with animals.  Medical studies and clinical research show that a therapy dog can not only have medical benefits – such as stress relief, or lower blood pressure – but provide a sense of comfort, confidence, and companionship.

No.   A certified therapy dog is not a Service Dog.  

A certified therapy dog is not a service dog, therefore, neither the dog nor the handler has the same rights as a service dog team. Therapy dogs are not recognized by the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and do not have public access rights.

We are also unable to certify a registered Service Dog as a certified therapy dog (dual purpose).  We do not allow registered Service Dogs to work in our programs while assisting the handler’s individual needs.   If you require assistance by a Service Dog and want to volunteer with us as well, we are unable to assist you.